Thankful Americans

A call to action for thankful Americans!

When America was attacked, they said... 
   "Always Faithful",
   "Always Ready",
      "This We'll Defend",
            "Service Before Self",
               "Honor, Courage, Commitment",

and many have sacrificed greatly for their country.

Will you say "Thanks for your service", and will you help those who have sacrificed for all Americans?

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Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

Families of the Wounded Fund
Families of the Wounded Fund

Members of our military are serving every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many return safely to their families, but some come back with life-changing physical and emotional injuries. Some families are grieved to learn that their service member has been killed and will not be returning to them. All military families are impacted when a loved one is deployed into a war zone, even if they return safely. Some returning military members and their families face major hardships, and that is where thankful Americans like you can help.

The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Thousands of US military veterans have returned to civilian life in the past few years. Some easily reconnect with their families and the civilian workforce, but many go through a difficult period of adjustment. Thankful Americans can help veterans and their families through their difficult times.

Many thankful Americans personally know a family with a member who is currently serving, or has recently served, in the US military -- in which case it may be easy to recognize someone who needs help. For those who do not have a personal connection with a military member, or family, in need of assistance, there are still ways to help (see organizations, such as Coalition to Salute America's Heroes, listed at right).

While Americans are not reminded to ration supplies, grow gardens and buy war bonds as during World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor, we can play a part in supporting our country by volunteering to help those who have served in our military. We can choose to invest our time and money in those who have already sacrificed for their fellow Americans.

Direct Person-to-Person & Family-to-Family Support
One of the most powerful ways to impact a struggling service member and their family is to personally and directly help meet their needs. While military organizations and support groups provide major medical care to physically and emotionally injured service members, there are still problems that can sometimes be better handled by family, friends and caring thankful Americans. Help given by one individual directly to another is powerful "medicine", and when several individuals directly help one in need, the impact can be tremendous.

Time & Money
You can help a former service member by giving of your time. Helping to prepare them for a job interview, being a partner in a sports or recreational activity, or just being there to listen and advice them during their time of transition are examples of ways to invest in their future by spending time with them.

Gift cards are an easy way to provide direct support to someone that is struggling financially. They are easy to obtain, and can be given anonymously if desired. A gift card, along with a note saying "Thanks for your service", can have a positive impact on a service member and their family. If you know their specific needs, you can give gift cards from merchants that sell the items that would be of greatest use. 
Gift Cards

How Much to Help?
How much help should you consider giving a service member or family in need? That question may best be answered after reflecting on the sacrifices already made for fellow Americans by the person needing your help.

Who Needs Help?
Many current and former members of the US military and their families could benefit from your help. If you do not personally know of a service member or family that needs help, it should not be difficult to find someone in need by talking to others at your workplace, church, school, etc.

See organizations listed at right for more opportunities to help those in the US military who have sacrificed for all Americans. 

Wounded Warrior Project

Taking Chance - the Movie


 A M A Z I N G   S T O R I E S  
Links to stories that may surprise you

John Fernandez, lacrosse player for the West Point alumni team.
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Heath Calhoun
Heath Calhoun 


Wounded Warrior - After Action Report Premier

 I N   T H E   N E W S  
Links to articles of interest 

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At 27, Sue Downes, of Tazewell, Tenn., is a mother of two, a combat veteran and a double amputee.

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Veterans and their guests were brought here from 11 states by the Lakeshore Foundation, a Birmingham non-profit that helps people with physical disabilities.

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"Next thing I want you to do is stand nice and tall at attention," said the chief of prosthetics at the medical center. "I know you haven't done that in a while."

 R E S O U R C E S  
For helping service members and their families 

A service that is simple, and saves lives. A way to prevent a veteran or family member in need from falling through the cracks.


When the United States was fighting World
War II
, Americans were asked to conserve gasoline, buy War Bonds, work in defense plants, plant Victory Gardens, make bandages, greet troops at USO clubs and wear their tires down to the cord to save precious rubber.

Today, after years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the only civilians being asked to make personal sacrifices are those whose family members are serving in the military. The rest of us continue to shop and live our lives as usual. What else are we supposed to do?   Susan White

Victory Garden Poster  Do With Less Poster
1943 US War Posters

Save Our Memorials

Armed Forces Relief Trust

The mission of the Armed Forces Relief Trust is to assist the military aid societies by providing a single vehicle to accept donations that will benefit the men and women of our Armed Forces and their families.

 Armed Forces Relief Trust

The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is a leader in supporting the men and women of the Armed Forces and their families. In January 2007, the Fund completed construction of a $40 million world-class state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation center at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. The “Center for the Intrepid” serves military personnel who have been catastrophically disabled in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and veterans severely injured in other operations and in the normal performance of their duties.

 The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

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sacrifice v.t.  to permit injury to self for the sake of someone else.   thankful adj.  feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.


Served for Thankful Americas
Many have served and sacrificed in Iraq for all Americans.
Now is the time to show our thankfulness to them and their families.
If you are a US citizen, choose to be a thankful American.




The Man Who Knew about September 11


Veterans Network


Saluting America’s Veterans


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